Team Member
David J. Grainger

Chief Executive Officer

After spending 15 years at Cambridge University leading an internationally-recognised laboratory investigating the causes of coronary heart disease, David founded Funxional Therapeutics, where he became the Chief Scientific Officer, developing FX125L, a novel anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of asthma and other diseases with a chronic inflammatory component. Following the sale of FX125L in July 2012, David joined Index Ventures as a Venture Partner, where he was responsible for the creation of a number of biotech companies including Epsilon-3 Bio and XO1 (which was sold to Janssen Pharmaceuticals in 2015). Since February 2016, he has been a Partner at Medicxi Ventures, a spin-out managing the legacy life sciences portfolio of Index Ventures together with a new $235m dedicated life-sciences fund.

Team Member
Robert W. Schroff

Chief Operating Officer

Bob has more than 30 years experience developing a range of drug product candidates in both large and small companies. He was VP Research and Development at Funxional Therapeutics, where he was responsible for guiding FX125L from discovery through to Phase 2 clinical trials. Bob was Chief Operating Officer at XO1, and is presently Chief Operating Officer at Stealthyx Therapeutics Ltd. Bob is responsible for all aspects of development at SuperX.

Team Member
James Huntington

Chief Scientific Officer

Jim Huntington graduated in 1989 from the University of Kansas with bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and mathematics. During this time he worked as a research assistant in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department and at the Merck subsidiary InterX under Takeru Higuchi, Ooi Wong and Jose Alexander. He subsequently worked as a chemist at Alza Corporation in California for three years. He obtained a PhD from Vanderbilt University in 1997 for work on the biophysical characterisation of members of the serpin family of proteins with Peter Gettins. His research on the serpins continued during his postdoc with Robin Carrell at the University of Cambridge, where he used X-ray crystallography to determine the mechanisms of serpin function. He was appointed principal investigator at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research in 1999, University Reader in 2007 and Professor in 2011. His research focuses on serpin function and dysfunction, and on the regulation of blood coagulation. He has founded four other biotech companies, including XO1, ApcinteX, Z Factor and Cambridge Protein Works.

Team Member
Trevor Baglin

Chief Medical Officer

Trevor Baglin is Consultant Haematologist to Cambridge University Hospitals with responsibility for both clinical and laboratory haematology. His main research interests are in personalised risk profiling, the molecular basis of regulation of blood coagulation and drug discovery and development. He was previously the Clinical Director for Pathology and Laboratories at Cambridge University Hospitals. He has worked with biotech and pharma both as an advisor and collaborator and was a Founder-Director of XO1 Ltd. He has been President of the British Society for Haematology and President of the British Society for Haemostasis and Thrombosis.

Team Member
Jonathan M. Davies

Patents Manager

After 21 years as a Partner at patent law firm Reddie & Grose, where he established the successful Cambridge office, Jo now acts as patent manager and intellectual property advisor for a number of biotech companies.